Welcome to Lateral Capital Group

Following a reorganisation in 2015, Lateral Capital acts as the holding company for the founder's private equity and growth capital investments as well as providing advisory services and assistance to group companies and investments.

We invest in a variety of early stage opportunities, typically post-revenue and close to break-even, as well as real estate projects, usually in conjunction with an investment in the developer. Investments are only made where we can secure a substantial minority and be actively involved in assisting the growth of the business, typically bringing skills such as strategy, legal and finance which may not be in-house in an earlier stage business but which the Lateral team can provide. This involvement is typically on an as-needed basis, together with board representation, allowing the founders of the business to pursue the agreed strategy and operations on a day-to-day basis without interference.

Generally Lateral will either lead or fund the whole of an investment round, with a view to then assisting in arranging subsequent rounds from a strong marketing position of being able to say that we have already invested and been closely involved in growing the business.

For growth investments, we are highly opportunistic but typically favour business-facing, rather than consumer, business models with a sustainable competitive advantage and a team with industry track record. Common equity is preferred, but for cashflow or real asset businesses we will also consider debt or debt-like structures, typically in conjunction with equity participation. Having completed deals across Asia and in the UK and USA, we are comfortable in a wide range of geographies.